AWS reInvent 2019 - Day 3

Categories: conference

DeepComposer (AIM223)

AWS is really into pushing developers to work on Machine Learning. This year at the reInvent conference, AWS introduces DeepComposer. It is a Generative Neural Network. You don’t actually need the keyboard to get started. You can use the computer keyboard as the piano keyboard.

The DeepComposer is still in an early stage. I tried out couple model but it does not really compose a hit song yet.

Quantum Computing (CMP213)

I was interested in learning about what AWS is doing with Quantum Computing. This is half hour explaining what Quantum computing is and half hour explaining what AWS will offer for their customers.

The Policy Challenge (SPL301)

I did run it as a challenge without following the step by step guide. I made a mistake and it was irreversible due to limited permission from the student account. I had to leave the challenge half way through it. :(

Advanced VPC design (NET305)

This is a good session. A lot of good information about AWS networking.

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