AWS reInvent 2019 - Day 2

Categories: conference


A lot of services were announced. Two things I am really interested are Sage Maker Studio and Code Guru. I am not sure how it will turn out.

AWS Security (SEC201)

This is a leadership Session and I think it is a pretty good session with informationt that I can bring back to my team to discuss about the security plan and implementation.

Deep dive into AWS CDK (DOP402)

I think anytime there is a live code, it’s not for me.

SageMaker AutoTuning (AIM361)

This is a new feature released today. In the past, a data scentist needs to tune the parameters on the training set to get an optimal result for the machine learning model. With autotuning, it automatically optimize the model and create a better result from raw training model. The lab is open to use.

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