AWS reInvent 2019 - Day 4

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DIY Runbook (SEC318)

Security is serious and it’s something that mid-size companies that are lack of. This session intoduce the idea of having a runbook to protect the company’s digital assets and how to automate the process.

Code Green (HAC201)

This is the 4th day of the reInvent conference. I decided to spend 4 hours to create after 3 days of learning. It turned out that I actually spend 2 hours to learn something new and spend 2 hours to think of a solution to help the only planet that we can live on.

AWS CLI v2 (DOP343)

In between sessions, I was able to sneak a session in the content hub to learn about the tool that I use frequently.

Note to AWS: The content hub in each location is a very good idea.

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