AWS reInvent 2019 - Day 1

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Machine Learning Exam Prepareness

There are so many service Amazon provides. This prepareness course helps me focus on the exam requirement and area of expertises are needed to be a Machine Learning certified by AWS.

Build an Alexa Gadget

I was really looking forward to this workshop and it did not disappointed. I learned a lot of using code to interact with GPOIO and how each device can interact with Alexa. It’s fun and educational.

Improve logistic operation with Amazon Forecast

This is my first Builder Session with AWS re:Invent conference. It’s fast paced and I think it helps me get started with learning about the service and getting understand the concept.


Summary: A lot of people and a lot of conversation.

I got to meet with the AWS IQ staff and got clarify what is going on with the service.

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