Tech Stack - 2020 Edition

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In the beginning, I was a BASIC “programmer” because I want to stop dying in Nibble.

I took a computer science in college, humble by alogrithm, math, and compile time with C++. While I was wondering if this is something I want to do, I took a web development class with PHP. It is the moment that I discover web is something I want to do.

Two decades later, web development is not just PHP anymore. It involves a lot more. Today, it appears to involve more for making a scalable web application.

Let’s take a look.

  • Laravel (Dynamic App) <3
  • Bootstrap (HTML)
  • SASS (CSS)
  • React/Vue/jQuery (JavaScript)
  • Linux (OS)
  • Apache/Ngnix (Web server)
  • MySQL/DynamnoDB (Database)
  • AWS (CloudFormation, CDK, VPC, EC2, RDS)
  • Docker (Automation)
  • Virualbox/Hyper-V (Local development)
  • Packer (AMI preparement)
  • Test Driven Development
  • YAML, JSON, CLI, etc.

One cannot just learn to code, it takes commitment for life long learning.

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