Hello 2020

Categories: visions

In 2020, I want to advance what I did in 2019.

Read 30 Books

In order to archive this, I am going to cut down reading news and social media. Limit myself to maximum 15 minutes for each of these for once a day. I will always bring a book with me during lunch time and weekend.


I want to continue to swim on weekday before going to work. I am blessed to have a pool literally on the way to work. This will require me to sleep around 9:30PM. I want to be able to do breaststroke and flip to turn. If I cannot get this done by September, I will get a coach.


I want to continue to get better with my skill on Machine Learning. I will work closely with DeepRacer and DeepComposer. I will get certified by AWS.

I will continue to improve my DevOps skill. I will use GitHub Action to deploy this blog and post an update to Twitter.

Learn Go.


Write more. One post a month, no matter how shitty it is.

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