Hit Refresh

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Hit Refresh written by Microsoft's third CEO Satya Nadella is a very good read.

In the past decade, Microsoft was viewed as a big company with decreasing impact in the software industry. Google started to take over Microsoft's productivity suite in the educational space (where Microsoft was strong at) and increasingly more company, especially in the startup, prefers to use Google's G Suite over Microsoft Office 365.

In recent years, Microsoft has stopped or slow down the pace of Google take over. I think it's because of Satya Nadella's leadership.

I think Microsoft is making a come back. Microsoft is now energized. If you recently take a look at the love received from developers over their Visual Studio Code and the improvement of Office 365 application or on the web.

In the book, Mr. Nadella reflected how how he get Microsoft "refresh" from his personal story and his journey in Microsoft. After hearing the stories, I believe that your life experience affects the way you do business.

Mr. Nadella reflected on why chose "Refresh" as the title of the book. It's truly a good fit of his plan with Microsoft. When you are looking at a page in a browser, sometimes, you need to hit refresh to get new content. After refresh, the main structure of the web page still retain, but you might get some new content. This is a good analogy with Microsoft. Microsoft is not building from scratch, it's has hit refresh to give their customer new content with the past intact.

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