I think I should call myself a fan of Cal Newport.

After I finished reading Deep Work, I started another book by Dr. Newport, "So good they can't ignore you".

If I could only take one lesson from the book, it would be the lesson of having a craftsman mindset over having a passion mindset towards my view in career.

A person with a passion mindset is to expect what a job can do for him. It's passive. In contrary, a person with a craftsman mindset is to explore what she can do in her job.

It's not unusual for a passive person to jump from one job to another in short intervals because a job was not what they were "expecting".

It's interesting that in a research, people who used non-default browser are better employee. It's because these employees are most likely find something that works for them instead of using something given to them.

When I was going through this book on craftsman mindset worker, it reminds me about the documentary, Jiro dream of sushi. I remember in the film, Mr. Jiro said he chose his career, stick with it and be the best of it. And that, is the craftsman mindset.

Well, I have chosen my career, let me the best of it.

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