Deep Work

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In the digital age, information are widely available anywhere and anytime. We don't have to wait for the next morning for the library open to find out more about the topic we are interested in. We are one social media away from keeping us up to date about our friends and relatives. We have TV with us in our pocket.

In Deep Work, it introduced a world where one can spend time to focus solely on a single topic without being distracted by the constant incoming of emails, instant messages, meetings, and social media.

This book explained about how solving a difficult problem requires a person's full attention. In research, a person most likely has abut 2 - 4 hours a day to get deep into their work. The book encouraged reader to eliminate as much "shallow work" so that there will be enough energy left for "deep work". It also encourages to quit social media (the argument from the book is quite good) in our spare time. So that we let our mind relax in order to recharge enough for deep work.

It is a very good book.

After I read the book, I want to practice some of the advises from the author.

  1. Stop work after work. (shutdown complete)
  2. Allow myself to get bored. (quit or limit social media use)
  3. Mono processing. (leave multi-task to computer)
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