I am not a good note taker. I usually write down the things I think is important during my days in school. I did not have a note taking system, it was mostly a bullet point format. It is the reason my attention was attracted to this book's title.

This book introduced a different way of taking notes. It first started by advising readers to use squared formatted note book instead of traditional single line note book.

It introduced breaking down the note's page into three sections, title, content, and action. It gives some suggestion on how to take notes with these three sections and some suggestions on how to review them after taking notes.

This book also gave me some idea on what kind of stationary to use when taking note.

As the type of reference book, it provided many examples to give me some ideas to follow.

If you have no idea how do you supposed to take notes or if you want to improve on your skills to take notes, this will be a good book to read. The technique applies to English too, it does not restrict to Asian language. However, I do not know if this book has an English translation available.

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