I thought Norte Dame had a chance to beat Kentucky but fell short. It reminded me of the NBA finals between San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat 2013.

When Wisconsin advanced to the NCAA Final 2015 after a win over Kentucky, it reminded me of the NBA Finals between San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat in 2014.

It's amazing how fast the basketball world has changed.

When Miami Heat recruited the Big 3, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, it did not need much else to get the team to four straight NBA Finals appearance. It did not much needed a game plan except giving the ball to one of the Big 3 to create something. The plan worked until the San Antonio Spurs started to execute game plan to perfection.

Kentucky has always been able to recruit the best talent for the school team. It did not need much of the game plan except giving the ball to each player to create something by playing one on one in a my turn, your turn sequence. It was working, against teams that play the same way as them.

It was evidence that Wisconsin and Norte Dame played team basketball. There were good players in both teams that could play the same way Kentucky did, but the team did not. There were ball movements through out the game, the ball did not stick with one player, and every player knew their role on each play.

I thought Norte Dame could win over Kentucky. I thought Wisconsin had a good chance, even though I felt Kentucky probably would advance to the finals.

After seeing Norte Dame almost won and Wisconsin advanced to the final over Kentucky, I am glad to say that, TEAM BASKETBALL HAS FINALLY RETURNED TO THE NCAA AND THE NBA!

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