[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="250"] Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt[/caption]

I was intrigued by a co-worker was talking about how he heard a story on NPR that some wall street firm dig a tunnel from Chicago to New York in order to gain advantage over the speed of the network to gain priority over others to increase their earning in the stock market. I made a search on npr.org and found out about this book.

I was immediately hooked on reading this book. It's fascinating how one small group of people who are already making millions decided to drop what they are doing and start a company to do good for the market.

This book chronicles the history of this group and the reason of what they are doing. This book explains a lot about technology and wall street. You do not have to understand both to follow the story. After reading this book, I gain tremendous knowledge about wall street and another view point from the technology.

I like how in one chapter explaining the relationship between business and IT department in the company. In a non-technology business world, the business people sees IT as a tool. They throw a lot of requirements and features to the IT department to develop without explaining anything to the IT department about how the business works. (Maybe the business people do not even know how the business work.) When something does not work out, the business people often blame the software that the IT department developed did not work. I think that business operation needs to understand that today's business needs IT and while IT needs business to generate revenue to run its software. Both sides needs to respect each other and have a good communication between them.

I highly recommend this book. If you are already buying stock, you might be really angry or happy over your stock firm. If you are a technology person, you will be fascinate about how technology plays a role in the business now a days.

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