A Papercut

Categories: thoughts

I did not used to applying lotion on my hands and even though the weather was very dry in the last couple days. I regretted it instantly when I got a paper cut on the tip of my right index finger and the side of my right thumb.

It’s no big deal, I thought, as it’s a Sunday afternoon. I was not planning to do anymore handy works. I just put on bandages on my thumb and index fingers and went on the rest of the day.

Monday came. I opened my laptop, I logged in and I was ready to moved the opened application out of my way for another application with my favorite touch pad shortcut, the three fingers gesture. It didn’t work because the touchpad couldn’t detect my right index finger that I had been bandaged. Throughout the day, I had to consciously do the three finger gesture without my right index finger by switch it from right index, middle, and ring fingers to middle, ring, and pinky. It was annoying. Now I really appreciate how much I needed to relearn when one of my fingers is temporary unavailable for work.

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