Goodbye 2021

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The year 2021 was a year filled with anxieties, excitement, and challenges.

Let’s start with books. I only read six books. That means it took me two months to finish a book. It was a record low since I started tracking the number of book I read. It was not what I expected, so I have to do better.

On exercise, I thought I did well on this. I was either swimming or riding my bike once a day.

On knowledge, I did not renew my AWS DevOps certificate. It was my personal choice, it had nothing to do with the pandemic. I made contribution to open source projects and I learned about a lot of plumbing and electrical stuff. (More about this, read on.)

I thought I improved quite a bit on discussion or explaning things. (Also, more about this, read on.)

A lot of things happened in 2021.


I left the company that I spent with more than a decade to join a new company. I am grateful for this previous company for helping me to build a career and grew as a professional, but I think this new opportuntiy is opening a new chapter for my professional development. With the current company, I have more opportunities to do demostration and I have to discuss among different professionals. There are still a lot of rooms for me to improve, I am very eager to do better in these areas.

Living Place

My family moved to a new city that we are unfamiliar with. I am thankful for having a community that is welcoming and we are integrating with the new city. I had to do (and help) to fix many things with this new place, but I am glad I could.

If leaving college and enter a work force was a new chapter, getting married was a new chapter, having kids was a new chapter, 2021 was definitely a start of a new chapter.

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