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Laravel Database Connection on Docker

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Update: It is actually easier to define the environment in environment in docker compose

- DB_HOST=<e.g. mysql>

When I setup my Laravel application using Docker, one of the things really annoys me when I run php artisan migrate, I had to run the command using docker exec <something> or sail artisan queue:work if you are using Laravel Sail.

It is because by default, in the .env file, it should have the docker database name like this:


If you run php artisan migrate from the host machine, it will not work because the dns name mysql only recognized by the docker network.

If I changed DB_HOST=localhost, it will work from the host machine, but it will not work in the docker container because the web server and database are on a different container. The web server has its own “IP” and the database has its own “IP”.

I have a working hack that allows me to run php artisan migrate from the host machine while the container still have the correct database “IP”.

In the web server container’s apache config file, I added SetEnv DB_HOST mysql so that when the web server is looking for DB_HOST, it will use mysql instead of in the .env

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