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I really enjoy reading this book. I knew Gumroad, but I didn’t know much about the author Sahil Lavingia. I knew Gumroad had it down and up so I was interested to know more about how Gumroad overcame the difficult time.

For a period of time, SaaS world had a grow or die mentality. Doing a SaaS was a get a VC onboard with your idea and make it big at all cost. It was not easy and it is still not easy today. I am amazed how these founders do it and how skillful and adventerous they are. However, it’s not the only way. Doing SaaS can be a profitable business at day 1.

If you are going to read this book, read it in the morning. It is because the writings inspire so many ideas that if you read it before going to bed, you might stay up late at night to get those ideas out to your head. (unless you are an night owl, it’s fine.)

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