The DevOps Handbook

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It is benefit to work on a team that allows you to be a generalist. I started off as a back-end developer, but I was allowed work on the front-end, server administration, and cloud infrastructure.

Once I got to work more on AWS, I was able to introduce the DevOps culture in my team with my developer background.

The DevOps Handbook describes the benefit of having a DevOps culture, the strategy to implement, and told the successful stories from companies big and small.

There are things easy to start if the DevOps culture does not exists:

  1. If you don’t have tests in your application, start enforcing to implement test on the unit or the feature with the next release. Then work your way back.
  2. If a repeating work can be done in a command line, it can be automated with a script. It will eliminate mistakes.
  3. Codify the environment. It allows you to track changes and documents the infrastructure.

I have a really good time reading this book and listen to The Coding Block podcast (as a companion) from the guys discussing about it.

It also helped that I read The Phoenix Project before reading this book.

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