Impostor Syndrome

Categories: General

I enjoy going to conference.

It is because I not only able to learn deeper about the topic in the conference, but I was also surrounded by a group of people who share the same interest with me.

I am also an introvert, so most of the time I found myself listening more than talking to others.

Wait... in fact...

I am just romanticizing it by saying I am an introvert. I just have the impostor syndrome in me.

When I talked to other conference attendants, I felt that they are experts in the topics. However, in most of the time, we are pretty much the same. We all want to learn and increase our knowledge about the conference topic. If I don't feel I belong among the attendees, I would be wasting time being in the conference.

This year, I will have more opportunities to attend different conferences, I will try to break through the impostor syndrome and enjoy the conference with different attitudes.

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