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He [Bill Gates] rarely posts negative reviews of books, explaining that he sees no need to waste anyone’s time telling them why they shouldn’t bother reading something. He doesn’t spare himself, though. “I have a habit, which I don’t recommend, of finishing essentially every book I start,” he said. “And if I disagree with a book I spend lots of time writing notes in the margins. Perversely, this means that the more I dislike a book, the longer I spend reading it.”

The New York Times

The above quote is from an article that I read from the NYT about how Mr. Gates reading list gave books a surge of sales. I was also one of those who choose which books to read by reading Mr. Gates reading list.

In the past I often rant about something I don't like or disagree with on my blog, tweets, and Facebook status. I thought it would be a good way for me to get off some streams off myself.

I am going to change this behavior, inspired by what Mr. Gates said about him not posting negative reviews of books. If there is something I don't like, why should I comment any word about it that someone might read it? It will just promote more about the things that I disagree with.

Starting from this post, I will not promote anymore things that I disagree with or dislike. If you found my blog is all positive and thinking that there's nothing I dislike, it's because I chose not to promote them. I will be more than happy to discuss about any topics in real time conversation. In the conversation, you will hear what I am agree and disagree with.

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