Building an iOS 8 App

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Over the weekend, I just took the Intro to iOS App Development with Swift from Udacity. (The course can be visit here: I took the course because I was interested in learning about the Swift programming language. I could not wait until the Swift programming books to come out. (Most come in 2015).

The course is short enough that I think it will only take a weekend for those who already have experience in writing computer program, familiar with MVC and understand object oriented programming.

I really enjoy learning about this course. It really helps me to get started building an iOS app. I put my code that I built with this course on Github with the notes I took. (

I recommend to programmer who wants to get familiar with Xcode, building the app cycle, and want to build an iOS app but don't know where to started. Then again, coding is easy, learning how to design and build a solution is a more important skill to have.

Feel free to contact me if you are a startup and looking to build an iOS app for your VC pitch.

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