what if?

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what if? by Randall Munroe is about answering questions. The questions are ridiculous, but the answers were as scientific as it can be.

As I was going through the questions I can't help myself to ask, what the heck? Although I did not verify the answers the author provides, it includes a lot of math and science and reference from authoritative sources.

I was fascinated by this book. I laughed out loud to some of the questions and I was as curious as the author on some of them.

The scenarios given in this book possibly will not happen (and I hope not), but it reflects on one thing.

Human likes to explore and a naturally curiosity specie..

It's the curiosity in us that brings the world to become (improve or degrade) to what how it is now. It's not long ago someone asks what if we can connect all the computers together? What if we let people pay online? What if we organize the world's information? What if we build something that people don't know that they want? What if we visit the moon? What if we land something on Mars? It all started by solving these absurd questions. We see these answers as a norm, but it was once seen as absurd.

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