Building for a Product

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I recently spent couple weekends to build a product in an auto deployment space.

About two years ago, I started implementing CI/CD into all existing legacy projects. The result was good. After the CI/CD implmentation, when I add a new feature or fix a bug on those project, all I needed is pushing it to GitHub and the deployment automatically happen. It is not magic, it is just a sequence of commands or API calls done in the CLI.

Couple weekends ago, I challenged myself to build a service that help others who have the same challenge I had two years ago based on my CI/CD implmentation. I built this service hoping to help easing the deployment for others so they do not need to learn a new system or a new language.

At this point, the service is built. I am happy that I actually built this. The hours of learning and making various technical decisions further deepen my appreciation of those who spend their hours building a business that they have no idea would become successful or even see the light of the day. Building a product, in my case a service, is definitely a marathon. If you are building a product in your spare time, it is more like a 400 meter race every weekend in a marathon (and a 100 meter race on occasion nights).

I am glad I built this. If it is useful, it is great. If it is not, the hours I spent on those weekends is a valuable waste learning experience that I do not know if I can learn from anywhere else.

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