Goodbye 2020

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2020 was a weird year, but it was not all lost. I spent a lot more time at home with my family. We spent less time taking my children to different activities to “occupy” their time, instead, we spent more time with them to do things together. I started working from home and get a gist of what it looks like to be away from the physical office.

I finished 12 books, 18 books short of my plan. However, the books that I read were more in depth and challenging, so I gave myself a pass on that. :)

The hours spent on exercising basically dropped to 0 since March. I just did not find a exercise routine that I am comfortable with yet under this condition. I must find one in 2021.

At the end, 2020 was not a productive year. However, I think have a more time spent with my family, which was a lot more valuable.

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