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I have been using Visual Studio Code (VS Code) a lot more lately.

There are a lot of features in VS Code. It was overwhelming in the beginning because there are so much.

After I subscribe Learn VS Code mailing list and follow the first couple steps, VS Code become very helpful to improve my productivity.

Explorer on the right

I used to wonder why putting the Explorer to the right because I thought code is read from left to right, so it made sense for the Explorer or other navigation panel to be on the left. After I move the Explorer to the right, I was able to focus more on the code instead of the folder trees. Since cmd+0 goes to the explorer panel and cmd+1 goes to the first group, it totally make sense to have the Explorer on the right.

Editor and Terminal Relationship

I used to also switch a lot between a Terminal and an Editor. There is a performance cost to have an editor with a terminal so I try to separate them. I started using the terminal in VS Code and it is just great.

CMD+P is great, shortcut is awesome

I also experimenting a lot on the keyboard shortcut. First of all, the cmd+P in VS Code is excellent. I think all the tool can run from cmd+P. However, it still does not beat cmd+k cmd+e to go the explorer or source code control panel. (Thanks to Learn VS Code tip). I have cmd+k cmd+t to open terminal and cmd+k cmd+p to open recent folder.


Sublime Text and VIm are still part of my other workflow and tool. I am just glad I got another tool work for me.

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