Developer Happiness

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I think there are a lot of tools and programming languages. Some tools make me happy and productive and some frameworks make a programming language fun to use.

macOS makes a Linux like environment somewhat better.

The Laravel framework makes creating an web application and API with PHP more productive.

HashiCorp’s Vagrant, Packer, and TerraForm makes my development to production cycle much easier and quicker.

VueJS just makes sense to me. The documentation is great. When I started making a SPA on VueJS, everything started to click and I rarely blocked by the framework.

That’s pretty much the tools I use now.

  • AWS managed by HashiCorp’s suite.
  • PHP developed on Laravel framework.
  • JavaScript developed on Vue JS.
  • Write all the above application with SublimeText, and
  • Develop all the above on a MacBook Pro.

I owed my productivity to these vendors and developers. Thank you.

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