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As a programmer working mostly on the web, I am lucky to have opportunities to work on various parts. From database, backend, frontend, to Linux, and cloud services. I cannot say I am expert in one of these areas, but I am capable to solve the problems with the skills I have.

I have always wonder, is this good for my career?

Which is better? Master of one, or jack of all trade?

In this book, it is making the case that being an “T” person has an advantage of being an “I” person. “T” meaning a person has wide range of skills and is expert in one of the skills. An “I” meaning a person is expert in one skill. The reason of an “T” person has an advantage because a person with wide range of skills also likely having a wide range of experience from different perspective. A “T” person can see a problem through different angles.

In general, the world prefers having more experts by looking at the job board. I like being a “T” person or a jack of all trade, although I am more like a dash (-) person and jack of some trade. Anyway, happiness and fulfillment is most important.

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