Company of One

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I was interested in this book because I want to learn about what challenges do a new company faces. I learned more than that after finishing the book.

Define Company of One

A person of a company of one does not have to be a business owner or a contractor. It can be an employee in a company.

On scaling

In recent years, the key metrics of success is growth. A company of one key metrics is not. I really like this idea because if the metric is growth, then how much is success? A company of one focus on making profit at the beginning and acknowledge what is sustainable for a healthy work life balance. If I have 3 clients and it gives me enough income to spend time with family or hobby, is it wise to increase to 5 clients to take away the time to spend outside of work?


MVPr (Minimum Viable Profit)

Personal Take

A company of one requires one knowing what they want to do and being discipline.

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