Laracon 2019

Categories: Laravel

In Laracon, you usually get some hard technical talks and some soft talks. I recommend to check out @bobbybouwmann if you already have at least one year of Laravel experience, @gonedark and @colindecarlo's talk if you are quite seasonal.

The usual speakers such as @adamwathan, @freekmurze, @gonedark, @mijustin, @colindecarlo, @youyuxi, and @stauffermatt.

Of course, @taylorotwell's vapor announcement was the "keynote". Watch it.

@kthomas901 gave a talk on launching side project. She said "...wanting the security from corporate is completely OK..." and "...know when to end." are my favorite quotes.

LiveWire created by @calebporzio is some great stuff.

I also get a chance to meet my favorite podcast hosts @michaeldyrynda and @JacobBennett. I also get to say thank you to @marcelpociot for helping me getting started with creating a PHP package.

My feeling is that @mijustin and @stauffermatt are the Laravel evangelists and they are the biggest cheerleaders of the Laravel community. I like how @mijustin just pour it out and reminded all of us that we only see a person's positive side from the Internet but they could be struggling. He was reminding us that it's OK to fail and it's OK to share about failure. @stauffermatt reminded us that what a special community @taylorotwell has started. We must cherish this magic, continue to be proud of what we do, and continue to be a welcoming community.

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