The New New Thing

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I just finished reading another book from Michael Lewis, I guess I am officially a fan of his books.

The New New Thing told the stories of Jim Clark, who is a famous figure in the Silicon Valley. It told the stories of the Silicon Valley through the rise (and fall) of Netscape, WebMD, and Silicon Graphics.

The endless pursuit of a new thing as a culture in the Silicon Valley of the engineers and the VCs makes what Silicon Valley as it is today.

One thing stood out was how Jim Clark saw Microsoft back in the 90s that Netscape would be eclipsed by Microsoft. Jim Clark predicted that once Microsoft get into the browser game, Internet Explorer, Netscape would be finished.

Forwarding to today, Microsoft was late to the game of cloud (Amazon, G works), mobile phone (iPhone and Android), and hardware (Apple). Since 2016, Microsoft was catching up the way it did with Internet explorer. Azura was doing well, mobile apps are doing well on both platforms, and the Surface was surprisingly doing well.

Is the history repeating itself? I am looking forward to see it.

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