Macbook Pro Touchbar

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I use a Dell laptop with Windows at work, but personally I use a Macbook Pro. I write code and do productivity things on the Dell laptop with Windows at work. When I am at home, I use the Macbook to do personal stuff, play games, or write code.

I think I spent fairly enough time on both machine.

Despite my work laptop is pretty good, the Macbook is always more superior on the trackpad. It's very intuitive and very responsive.

Other than the trackpad, I do not find neither machine has any big difference to me because all of my work is done inside a browser, a terminal, and SublimeText. These applications are cross platform, so when I am on  either machine, it still feel the same. (I think probably if I am on a Linux machine, it will not make any difference to me neither.)

Lately, Apple decided to add a Touchbar to the Macbook pro. It basically took away the function keys and the Escape key.

It most likely don't affect the people who use the Macbook for productivity stuff, such as writing a blog or taking care of their finances, but many developers are not very happy about taking away the function keys and the escape key.

I spent time on Vim and I understand the importance of the escape key. The SublimeText also use the escape key too, so I get why the developers are unhappy.

I personally try not to use the escape key because I thought that key is out of my normal typing range.

I remap my Vim escape to Ctrl-c and my SublimeText escape key to Ctrl+\. It's not an usual keymap, but it works for me.

The reason to add a Touchbar on a "Pro" machine still confuse me, but it is OK to me because my Macbook Pro 15" 2013 is running great. If it broke down, I will probably be looking for a Chromebook or a Microsoft surface when time comes.

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