Infomagical Challenge #1

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Today I took the Infomagical challenge #1: Do one thing at a time.

As we all know, multi-tasking is a myth, multi-switching is the truth. I do a lot of multi-switching at work. I know it is bad, but I just did not want to delay any decision making messaging and I feel that I always need to know something right a way.

The podcast said that the more we switch, the more energy we spent, therefore, feel more tired.

Today, I took the challenge. I devoted one hour for a task without self-interference (or internal-interference).

The result is refreshing. I felt I have a lot more energy after work. Today is Monday, I am going to try everyday until the end of the week to give this a fair comparison. (After a weekend, one should feel more refresh.)

I will see.


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