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I recently got an early access for the Sling TV service. If you are not familiar with the Sling TV, the Sling TV service is basically streaming live cable television (legally) over the Internet. As long as you have Internet access from your computer or smart phone, you can watch cable television from your prefer device at your favorable location.

The basic package includes ESPN, TNT, TBS, HGTV, and Food network.

These are the TV channels I used to watch when I was unwillingly subscribe through the cable Internet provider. I did not like the Internet service provider tried to lock me in with the "discount" when I bundle the service. I did not like I needed to "threaten" to cancel the service in order to get a good rate every 6 months. (Yes, I have been paying full price.) For entertainment, I still can rely on Netflix, Amazon, and Google play, but one thing I am missing is the sports channels.

I like watching NBA. So I subscribe to the NBA League Pass. It did not work out too well. All the good games are blacked out by the national TV coverage. I still mange to resist subscribing the TV cable service because I just did not like the idea that I am paying for some channels that I have no interest with and I absolutely did not like the TV cable box and remote.

I waited and now Sling TV came along. It's the perfect product that I am willing to pay for.

Now I can watch ESPN and TNT for the NBA coverage. The HGTV for background noise and TBS for Conan.

Although the sign up process is still pretty old school, I had to call an agent (with an elegant British accent) to get my account activated. The streaming is not over the browser but I had to download a program and the app is not in the app store yet. However, I think all these will be improved when Sling TV is publicly accessible.

The streaming is very smooth, it's just like watching live TV. A simple hook up of my laptop to the TV, a wireless keyboard and mouse, it's perfect.

Now, I will watch the NBA all star game over the Sling TV service.

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