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I really enjoy watching the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA 2013-14 season. I was really happy for them winning the NBA 2014 championship.

It was not because the Spurs beat the LeBron James led Miami Heat. It was because the Spurs has shown the NBA fans that basketball is still a team game.

The constant motion in the offense, the search from a good shot to a even better shot, the discipline, and the commitment to play off the system without ego. It made the game so beautiful to watch.

There is no need to rely on the buzzer beater because every shot is as good as the buzzer beater.

The Spurs philosophy has spread to New Orleans Pelican, Atlanta Hawks, Washington Wizard, and Phoenix Suns. I hope there is more teams adapting to this kind of system. Some says this is European style basketball, but I disagree. This is NBA basketball started by the Los Angeles Lakers' showtime era. It was passed on to Europe.

Now the showtime is back, except it is not only the Lakers.

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