The Food Containers Lesson

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I bought a bottle of orange juice. It was $4.99. I also bought a bottle of herbal drink, it was $2.99.

These two bottles were seal under the cap. That means I have to unscrew the cap and peel off the seal for the first cup.

It gave me a sense of protection that these drinks were not touched by anyone else before. However, the seals were different in design.

The orange juice's seal had a little extra plastic seal that I could lift it up and pull the seal off the bottle with ease.

The herbal drink's seal was sealed around the bottle. First I have to touch around the seal to find a "weakest" point to peal off the seal. The seal would break somehow when I was taking the seal off. Therefore, I had to peal off the seal two steps.

I thought I could not possibly be the only one had this problem. Does the manufacture's owner had this problem?

Would it cost an extra 50 cents for the herbal drink manufacturer to replace the cap that the orange juice used to seal the bottle? It will probably hurt the sales for the 50 cents increase.

As a consumer, I surely will try to find a bargain on everything I buy. However, this caused me thinking about one thing.

If the manufacturer does not care about the detail about their product (the seal), what other things they do not care about? They can overuse the filter in order to save some cost?

The lesson I learned is if I am to build a product, every detail must pay extra attention. A great product with great details give customer confident. It should not be a race to bottom price, but a race to better product.

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